Welcome to my graphics page.

You are welcome to use anything on these pages for your own personal home page. They are not to be used on Commercial pages. The graphics on this page are "linkware" which means that in exchange for their use, I require a link back to this page. You can either use the logo down below or one that is included with each set. The link has to be on the same side as the graphics are.

I have tried to make the buttons on the different pages for “anyone” to use. In all sets there is a button without any text on it, use that one to make your own buttons. The font I’ve used is at the bottom of every page, sometimes even the colour. If you need any help with the buttons, please let me know. My adress is: eva@ew-design.se

I would appreciate if you’d send a mail with the address of your site, it’s always fun to see ones own work being used.

To view the whole set you just click on the thumbnail. Use your right mouse button and click on the image you want to save, use “save as”.

I have tried to use non-copyright-pictures. I’ve found most pictures on the Internet and it’s sometimes hard to find out if there is a copyright or not. If you are the artist of any of the images shown here, please contact me and I will be more than happy to remove the image or give credit to the artist.

If you’ll find that a link isn’t working – please let me know. I want to fix it as soon as possible.


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